ISMS Conference 2018

Rodzaj wydarzenia:
18.10.2018, godz. 09:00 - 19.10.2018, godz. 18:00
Akademia Sztuki Wojennej, 00-910 Warszawa, al. gen. Chruściela 103 (Poland, Warsaw, War Studies University)

The ISMS Conference 2018 will be an extraordinary event since it coincides with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of ISMS. Therefore, the conference will provide both our traditional scientific debate and the festive anniversary celebration.

Military sciences are understood to be interdisciplinary, embracing natural, mathematical, social sciences and humanities. The aim of the conference is to debate a common body of knowledge for the military profession, and to serve as a support work for shaping military sciences. We will look for contributions to the discussion from members of each of the ISMS institutions and working groups. In addition, we invite everyone who is willing to debate and present their research. We hope that this will contribute to a better understanding of the essence and content of Military Science.

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